Plant Based Protein Powder: Soy and Gluten Free

  • Delicious Chocolate Flavour will have you reminiscing about lunchtime in the cafeteria at middle school
  • Made from 80 percent Pure Protein to Supplement your Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
  • A Wealth of Nutritional Benefits is provided to every cell in your body, with every serving
  • Raw Plant based protein powder is packed with Vitamins for Additional Nutrition
  • Net weight of 1Kg; Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Vegan

Sunwarrior superfood protein powder is made from 80 percent pure protein. This protein has an extremely high digestion efficiency rating, allowing a wealth of nutritional benefits to saturate every cell in your body quickly and comprehensively.  Sunwarrior protein is assimilated by the body so cleanly that it can help us absorb additional vitamins and minerals from the foods and superfoods in your diet., essential for optimum wellbeing and health. The next generation in raw, plant-based protein is here, breaking through the constraints of other protein powders. Classic Raw Vegan Superfood Protein Powder is an easily digestible, nutrient filled, meal replacement, perfect for anyone who wants to amplify their health and enhance their daily fitness performance.

Best of all – we think it tastes phenomenal!


Raw Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein, Organic Cocoa, Natural Flavor (Vegan), Chocolate Extract, Rice Oligodextrin, Stevia, Xanthan Gum, Ancient Sea Salt, Pectin


With scoop supplied.

Mix 1 scoop with 8-10oz water, almond milk, coconut milk/water, or try mixing into a shake or smoothie. Refrigerate prepared product and use the same day. Store unopened package out of direct light and away from heat.

No matter what, when you are working flat out training or even have a physical manual job, your body needs some extra help.
This amazing shake tastes delicious , I use coconut milk, and sets me up for the day full of energy to face what the day throws at me.

Can you afford to let your body slow down? Do you desire that lean physical look? Need extra stamina for helping support the family?
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Emotional Intelligence: It refers to an individual’s capacity to control, express and be aware of the complexities of their emotions and relationships.

Emotional Intelligence Eating

Do you eat intelligently? Odds are you don’t.

Why? Because your pace of life and everyday demands dominate your consciousness when it comes to eating.

Our lifestyle impacts greatly on our overall health and wellbeing, which can lead to illness.

Eating is a fundamental part of your wellness. Not so much what you eat but how you eat!

When did you last take a bite of food and allow your senses to take control?

Can you honestly remember what sensations you experienced the during your last meal?

What does emotionally intelligent eating look like?

In basic terms it is savouring every bite, allowing your mind to feel it; experience it. Stopping between mouthfuls and allowing time to enjoy the emotions and sensations.

You become mindful of each bite

You allow your internal consciousness/awareness to evolve, you allow time.

Now this process requires no nutritional knowledge, no resources and no training. It is FREE and something we all should take advantage of.


Because we gain control of our nutrition intake, we listen to our body, we feed it the food it craves, and we become internally healthy.

What does emotional intelligent eating do?

You become aware of your hunger and fullness – manages weight naturally

You recognise how you eat and why you eat – prevents comfort eating

You become aware of impulsive eating – control sugar cravings

You fine tune your social eating – turn eating to a pleasure not a quick grab and go experience

You manage your emotions – deal with the cause of the emotion not the quick fix of food

You can reduce your stress levels – taking time to focus on your food allows you to step aware for a short time from your daily stress

You develop your inner motivation to eat better – make healthier food choices

When you’re deciding what to eat do you stop and really listen to your body? Do you consider the daily requirements your body needs depending on the demands of that day?

Start your eating process with the question “What do I feel like eating”. Using the word ‘feel’ allows the emotive part of the brain to become involved.  You want to make the process one of enjoyment, satisfaction, not laden with guilt and false promises of visiting the gym on the way home…. we know that won’t happen.

NBS in conjunction with Wild Wellness deliver workshops that include emotional intelligent eating.

What will you learn at the emotional intelligent eating workshop?
  • That no matter how educated you are or the level of knowledge you have about nutrition you can still struggle with making the correct healthy food choice.
  • Why making the right choice now will set you up for a healthier outlook in your future
  • Methods to eat mindfully and avoidance of overeating
  • Management of cravings
  • Tips to avoid stress

To receive information on upcoming events including the Emotional Intelligence Eating workshop click here

Discovering ‘Time for Self’….. Stress can Kill You….

Task Planning…… Find time fot You

‘OK, just one minute’…..
Stop do you seriously have one minute to spare?

Do you ever hear your inner voice saying “Dont worry what I don’t get dine today I can do tomorrow, after all no one is going to die, if I cant pick up the dry cleaning”

Stop and reflect on that simple in your head chat…….

Why is your day so full that you may not be able to get to the dry cleaners on time?

And to add a deeper aspect to this, what are your stress levels like?

You know as well as many other women out there, stress is a killer……

Time to rethink??????

Your time is a precious commodity, whether your single, in a relationship, parent, grandparent, business owner or employee, the one thing you all have in common is your day has 24 hours in it and nothing in the world can change that!

Do you wish you could find that extra time?

Are you running at full speed yet still left with tasks incomplete?

NBS work with many women who initially make contact to address their weight issues, yet when they embark on discovering the true causes of their weight concerns, ineffective time management is the biggest issue.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Know your goals.

Take a moment to consider what you truly wish to achieve, both short and long-term.

If your daily tasks are not supporting you to achieve your goals, they are potentially time-wasters.

2. Prioritise wisely.

Your daily tasks list should be in order of importance:

Important/Urgent – They must be done today!

Important/Not urgent – Could possible be done at another time?

Urgent/Not important – Try to see if you can delegate these to others or allocate a specific time in your day to complete these.

Not urgent/Not important – Do you really need to do them? What value will they bring to you?

3. Just say the word ‘No’.

Your life, your choice.
So many of us are fearful of the word ‘no’ as we concern ourselves with upsetting others, But did that person asking you to do a task, consider you and your responsibilities before they asked you? The answer is likely to be ‘No’

If you really do feel obliged or know that that task needs to be completed, check your list, allocate a time and if there is no time available for today, then explain you can complete the task tomorrow. Doing this will reduce any added stress to your daily tasks, and possibly reduce the stress of the person asking, as they will know there has been a definite time allocated to complete it by.

4. Plan ahead.

You will quickly see your day becoming a panic driven activity if you haven’t set off on the right foot. Prior to going to bed, write your tasks list and prioritise them. The read through to check they are all in the right order. Upon waking read your list, have a clear idea about what needs to be done. Hoping from one task to another and not being able to complete them will elevate your stress levels.

Here is how to plan:

  • The night before — At the end of the day, take 15 minutes to write a list of the next day’s most important tasks.
  • First thing in the morning — Look at your list. Take some deep breathes and focus. Create a mental map of the tasks and try to visualise how you will feel once the tasks are completed. This may prove to be the most productive part of your day.

5. Eliminate distractions.

How often are you interrupted? Why? are you too visible to others? Is social media distracting you? Do you have the necessary equipment required or have you had to stop the task to seek the things you require and become distracted along the way?

The smartphone is extremely useful, but it’s also addictive and among the most insidious time-wasters known to mankind. Place it away from where you are working or carrying out your important tasks. Add an automated message saying you will return the call as soon as possible.

It may take a massive exercise in will power, but shut the door and turn off your phone to maximise your time. Instead of being “always on,” plan a break in the day to catch up.

6. Delegate more often.

Delegation is a skill and many successful women are masters of this. Look for tasks that can be completed by others to free up some of your time.

7. Take care of yourself.

This by far is the most important of all, and the reason you are seeking more time.
Looking after yourself is your priority.

Look back at your daily task lists, how many of you actually wrote things like go to the gym, yoga session, mindfulness walk as priorities, or even meet friend for catch up?

You should be able to find at least 1 hour every day during the hours of 8am and 8pm to spend on yourself. If you become a master at task prioritising and allocation of tasks you may find 3-4 hours of available time for you.

This is not free time, and should never be referred to as this. It is your health and wellness time. After all if you fall ill, who will continue to do the tasks?

Be sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise. An alert mind is a high-functioning mind and one that’s less tolerant of time-wasting activities.

If you would like NBS to help you identify how to free up some of your time for ‘Health and wellness’ then contact us now.  

Luxurious Velvet Cami: Awaken the Goddess Within

Velvet Cami Set


This beautiful figure flattering velvet cami provides a tactility touch to stimulate your senses, feeling great against the skin feathery and silky soft.

X Small = 6

Small = 8-10

Medium = 12-14

Large = 16-18

X Large = 20-22

XX Large = 24-26

Perfect for a cosy night in, this gorgeous cami set will ensure you feel your sexiest.

Made from soft velvet with a delicate lace trim, this two-piece set features a cami with adjustable straps and matching shorts.

Key details:

Made from soft velvet with a lace trim

Two-piece set with a cami top and shorts

Cami top has adjustable straps

Shorts have an elasticated waistband

Order via Facebook  through messenger.

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