8 Steps to a Healthy Digestive System


Many of your body’s essentials functions are supported by a healthy digestive system. This system is responsible for not only digesting foods, but also absorbing critical nutrients that promote overall wellness. Without a properly functioning digestive system, everything easily becomes out of balance and can lead to serious illness and disease.

Take steps to ensuring a healthy digestive system is key and the following tips will get you started in the right direction:

Stay on schedule. Maintaining a consistent meal and snack routine helps keep your digestive system at top-function. Waiting too long between meals  leads to hunger and encourages binge eating that can cause bloating and acid reflux. Munching too frequently leads to overeating and high-calorie intake.

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Exercise regularly. Routine workouts and regular exercising help keep food moving through your digestive system. Try yoga practices that are designed specifically for healthy digestion like twists and gut-friendly poses.

Ban processed foods. Nutrient-poor processed foods are full of refined salt, sugar, and fatty oils,  which are more difficult for your body to digest. Having a diet high in these foods makes your digestive system work harder than it needs to in comparison to a whole foods diet.

Detoxify. Take a high-quality detoxification supplement regularly to clean your organs and body systems, as well as to reset your GI tract. Detoxes also help flush the liver and kidneys, which play essential roles in healthy digestion.

Cut sugar. Too much sugar and sugary foods can cause bloating and an unhealthy overgrowth of harmful gut bacteria.

Incorporate probiotics. On the flip side, probiotics in your diet encourage a healthy growth of beneficial gut bacteria that help combat the effects of a poor diet, antibiotics, and stress. Probiotics also assist in nutrient absorption, break down lactose, and strengthen the immune system. You can get probiotics from yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and fermented foods.




Stay hydrated. Water is essential for dissolving fats and soluble fiber. If you’re suffering from digestive issues, increasing your water intake isone of the easiest solutions.

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Eat a high-fiber diet. Fiber-rich foods help keep your digestive system strong and healthy. Be sure to incorporate a combination of soluble fiber, which comes from nuts, seeds, and legumes, and insoluble fiber, which are found in wheat bran, vegetables, and whole grains.


Some digestive issues and be repaired easily and naturally when you take the right steps. By incorporating these tips you’ll enjoy a happier, healthier digestive system that supports overall wellbeing.


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