Exercise and clever ways to incorporate it in your busy lifestyle.

Exercise and clever ways to incorporate it into your bust lifestyle. Every day we hear or read the power of exercise, medical research supports that exercise is necessary to sustain health living, we see evidence from media images of celebrities who have shed pounds through taking up exercise. 
I, like you, knew that exercise would benefit me, help me shed those stubbed pounds, and reduce my huffing and panting when doing strenuous jobs around the house, but I am a master at excuses, procrastination and the old saying ‘I will do it tomorrow’.

So what made me stop the excuses and don my fitness gear?

I had noticed an increased pins and needle sensation in my ankles and lower arms. Having worked in a manual profession for 20+ years and strained almost every muscles in my body, I kept putting it down to wear and tear on my body. But one morning it took the entire morning for the pins and needles in my ankles to subside. 
Initially I thought I was having a stroke, thankfully I wasn’t, but my body was telling me that my circulatory system was failing to function effectively.
I started to do simple chair exercise that involved ankle twists, and then progressed to standing exercises. I didn’t rush out to purchase a gym membership or buy the latest fashion sports gear, I merely scheduled 20 minutes into my already manic diary and stuck to it.

I kept a diary that would state if I had pins and needles, where and how long the episodes were, and by the end of the week, I had only one.

Seeing this significant result, I reflected on my overall health and mental state. I established that prior to allocating the 20 minutes each day for me, I was feeling stressed and totally frustrated that I was helping others 24/7 yet unable to help myself. However, now 7 days after the exercise I was feeling pleased with myself, and actually felt at times, not all the times, relaxed.

So I continued, and now I have a 40 minutes yoga routine I complete every day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes afternoon, but I still schedule my 40 minute sessions in. What was interesting too, was that I have managed to find more time for me, this I put down to the fact I am less stressed and work more productively, instead of wasting time stressing on how I can manage. I just work each day as it arrives, and if I have jobs unfinished I can transfer them over to the following day. 

I will share with you some very simple ways to incorporate exercise into you life.

Before you even attempt to get out of bed, stretch. A full head to toe stretch. Repeat three times. Become conscious of the stretch, visualise your internal organs waking up and repositioning themselves for the day.

Once out of bed, before you dash to the bathroom, link your hands (fingers) together and stretch up to the ceiling. Repeat twice


When brushing your teeth, straightening your hair, waiting to get into the bathroom, squat. Repeat as many times as possible, but no less than 4.


Don’t shout for the lift to be held, take the stairs, hop off the bus a stop earlier, park the car away from the main entrance, walk to the shops, taxi back. Throughout your day, you can increase your walking easy, yet during this extra walking time, become mindful of your surroundings. Even if you are in the middle of a nosy bust city, look up, see the architecture of the building, or look at people, study their faces, smile at a stranger, say ‘good morning/afternoon’, be present in the time you walk. Another tip is don’t answer your phone, your on your way to work and will be there shortly, have those minutes for you, the world won’t stop believe me!!

So there you have three simple things to add into your daily life that will increase your activity levels and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Eating a balanced nutrient dense meal plan is necessary to provide your cells with the energy they need to function and allow you to exercise effectively.
1:1 nutritional coaching can help you kick start your new healthy lifestyle and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

One of my clients increased her activity levels and purchased a Barbara Currie DVD, although my client confessed that initially she could hardly bend, after battling on she is now far more flexible than she ever imagined, so here is the link for you to purchase the DVD and improve your overall activity level and flexibility.

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