Super Healthy Skin radiates from within

Super healthy skin, a challenge to most. Looking great from the outside requires a high level of maintenance from within. No matter how much money or time you spend on skin care products, unless your cells are in top notch, you’re fighting a constant battle.

Your skin is your outer protective layer, shielding your delicate internal organs and providing a case to keep them in. The skins outer layer is fighting 24/7 to protect and fight off invaders.

There is a number one invader that causes damage both on the surface and inner layers of your skin, Stress!

In very simplistic terms, nerve endings in the skin sense and respond to stimuli. For example, if you touch a hot pan, you instinctively withdraw your hand, as the nerves responded and triggered the reaction. The same goes for stress. Stress triggers a tension to occur in muscles, including muscles in your face. This persistent state restricts circulatory flow and absorption of nutrients, that triggers a reactive response, often inflammatory, resulting in outbreaks, reddening, psoriasis and eczema. 

Stress prevents super healthy skin and natural healing. As brutal as it sounds, unless you reduce your stress levels, your entire body struggles to function effectively and not only will your skin reflect the trauma from within, so too will your mood and energy levels, so everyone can suffer!

Many of my clients initially present with the common goal of weight loss, though as the consultation explores deeper, self-image and energy levels often become goal motivators. The weight loss will bring with it the improved skin and increased energy, providing the dietary advice is taken on board. Stumbling blocks arrive when clients identify realistic time frames to work with, this simple task often forces the client to recognise that they are not as calm and unstressed as they had thought themselves to be. It is only when we step back from our busy lives and take stock of what is truly going on around us, can we see the bigger picture. Whilst you may well have your daily chores timed to perfection, this merely masks the stress on the body in order to stick with the schedule. Where is there a window to accommodate the road works that arrived over night, the lost school shoe as you dive out the front door, the queue in the ladies toilet making you a few minutes late for that very important meeting? We schedule our lives to run perfectly, but do we schedule ‘me time’? When did you last consider the state of your skin? Look now in the mirror, can you honestly says it looks like super healthy skin?

Stress increases hormone release and this can alter the level of oil production in our skin. This¬†stress causes the body to concentrate on the key organs, it is a natural response in preparation for the ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ response. This reaction reduces oxygen and nutrient delivery to the less important organs and your skin unfortunately falls into this category.

So what can be done to maintain, prevent and restore our skin?

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