Drink Away Your Weight

There are products that can help you achieve the weight you desire.

Sound too good to be true?

Only one drink a day and results are amazing……..

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I found The Skinny Caffe for me…. I had started to see a small ‘muffin’ top creeping over my waistband, and didn’t wish to do any diet and being a nutritionist my food intake is healthy and definitely under the recommended calorific intake… but the thought of drinking a drink each day that would not only help me shed weight but also boost my energy I ordered straight away, the prices are really competitive.

Here is what The Skinny Caffe say about themselves……..


We are a passionate health & wellbeing company that aims to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle to men and women globally. We have worked hard with suppliers to bring to the market a premium tasting product that will be loved worldwide. On top of this we aim to help people all over the world by offering FREE Worldwide shipping on any of our programs (Skinny Coffee & Skinny Tea, Skinny Hot Chocolate ) when spending £15.00 or more. We aim to listen to feedback and grow the brand and range and follow trends to ensure The Skinny Caffe squad are impressed!


We believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle. We will only ever promote a healthy active lifestyle as this is what we are all about. We know the importance of eating properly and remaining active every day. We want to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy our products so we strived to ensure they are suitable for vegans/vegetarians and contain no extras such as; gluten, egg, dairy, soy and contain only safe and natural ingredients. We also want to reward YOU for spreading the word about our great brand and products, join our brand ambassador program and earn rewards on referring your family and friends to join the Skinny Caffe Squad! 


We will never promote any of our products to be a ‘magic formula’ to help you lose weight. As with anything, a healthy lifestyle is key and we’ve got you covered with a free mini diet and exercise plan which you can follow to help you become more active and eat on track. We won’t encourage our customers to go on a ‘diet’ as this is something that we do not believe in. Healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a short term fix! Allow us to power your goals and change your lifestyle. 

P.S – Just cause we’re all pink it doesn’t mean we don’t love guys too. Oh, and they love us! 

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The Skinny Cafe

If you choose to use these drinks in conjunction with individualised menu plans available from me, you will increase your overall wellbeing and health.

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