Holistic Nutritional Life Empowerment Coach

Nutritionist and Gut Guru

About Me – 

My name is Kay Billingsley. I am the proud founder of Nutrition Body and Soul, providing holistic nutritional life empowerment coaching  for women.

My approach is simple, I use four pillars:

Nutrition – the foundation of effective and efficient body functioning

Body – to show case inner health and external beauty

Mind – to demonstrate confidence and alertness

Soul – the essence of self-love and acceptance

Your body requires nutrients to function –
Any level of deficiency can impact on your daily life.

The concept that unites all four pillars is the empowerment of self.

This is achieved through;

Nutritional – effective management and guidance for balance of hormones
Body  – self-love using luxury skin care products and massage therapies to stimulate the inner goddess of self-ownership.
Mind – steadiness and clarity of thoughts and beliefs to allow positivity lead to empowerment
Soul – being the essence of strength achieved through self-awareness, mindfulness and to heighten your inner senses.

Perhaps you’re at the top of your game in sales, yet by midweek feel mentally drained?
Found a new hobby and need motivation?
Looking to develop muscles and stamina to complement your training regime?
Tired of ‘Yo-Yo’ dieting and low self-body image?
Maybe you have just had a baby and experiencing complete exhaustion?
Lost your confidence and motivation?
Hit your mature years and looking to improve skin tone and balance hormone?
Or simply looking for a new you!

Whatever brought you here, I am certain you will leave not only feeling inspired, but motivated to take action, to propel yourself towards the new deserving self-loving woman you are.