Fruits and their powerful contents

Fruits are the perfect on the go snack and great for a natural sugar boost.​

Fruits provide

  • Excellent sources of vitamin C, beta carotene and potassium.
  • Many contain phytochemicals, thought to help protect against cancer.
  • High in fibre.

Ways to increase you fruit intake

  • Add fruit to your morning cereal or porridge
  • Drink a small glass of juice with your breakfast
  • Keep the fruit bowl topped up and in a handy place to grab a quick snack instead of reaching for the biscuits
  • Take a small tub of chopped up fruit to work or on days out to snack on
  • Make your own smoothie with natural yogurt, frozen berries are great for this
  • Add berries into your pancake batter mix
  • Save the over ripe bananas for smoothies
  • Add slices of apples or pear to salads
  • If you see fruit you haven’t tried, buy it to add a variety to your fruit bowl
  • Chopped apricots are delicious when mixed into couscous

Eating a balanced diet can support weight management and improve mood and overall wellbeing. Interested to learn about pro active eating, click here to request further information 

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