5 Steps to Manage Bloat


5 Steps to Manage Bloat.

This is a PDF that features some tips to manage bloat.
Contains advice and suggestions to improve your bloat to help you achieve a more comfortable waistline.

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Manage Bloat
Love your Gut  – Manage Bloat

Bloat can be a pain not only for you but for those who are with you.
When bloat sets in so too does the feeling of discomfort.
Even sitting can be a chore, and let’s not even think about having to do the school run, cook the evening meal and complete the usual daily chores.

Bloating of the abdominal area can be a symptom of a poor diet or an underlying illness.

If you experience bloating every day even when you know you haven’t eaten foods that are commonly known to cause bloat, I strongly recommend you visit your GP for professional advice.


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