Festive Cheer, Full Belly and Feeling of Discomfort

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No matter how hard we try to stick to main meals, only have one or two glasses of fizz, when the festivities are in full swing we so often fail….. the result is an extended waistline with discomfort, feelings of nausea and at worst bum wind!!!

The little black dress looked stunning as you left for the party and four hours later you cant wait to get into your PJ’s and set your belly free!

Yet the following morning you will be paying the price for that extra mince pie, two bottles of pink fizz and whatever else grabbed your attention…..

So you need to prepare in advance, you need to boost your happy gut bacteria so they are working at optimum levels before you indulge.

When your digestive system is working effectively everything flows smoothly, as soon as you upset/imbalance the bacteria you may experience some of the following:

plus so much more………

The Gut2Go Box contains products that help you create a happy gut through boosting your bacteria.
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Sleep the best form of meditation

Sleep best healer

Sleep or lack of sleep can cause your entire body to collapse, resulting in chronic fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety and believe it or not aching joints and general feeling of ‘unwell’

Many of us dismiss a poor nights sleep, linking it to over-tiredness, too much going on, too many disturbances etc, yet few of us actually look deeper to find why we failed to achieve the recommended 8 hours sleep.

Sleep is the best meditation

Today’s technology and heavy work schedules often result in smart phones being the focus of our evening time, as opposed to relaxation and wind down in preparation for sleep. Sleep techniques are regularly sought by those who recognise that lack of sleep is causing them multiple health concerns.

With increased commuting distances, extended work hours we are decreasing the hours we have in our day; and by catching up on social media, checking the emails and playing games we continue to lose hours of vital sleep. Poor sleep can affect overall health and ability to effectively work, as an adult you should be getting 7 – 9 hours a night. However, quality is far more important, uninterrupted sleep is essential to allow your body and brain to reset. During sleep your brain stores memories, sorts information and allows your brain to appropriately respond.

If you are an employer be warned, asking your staff to fill in that extra uncovered shift may cause a negative outcome the following day as function is less effective.

Long term poor sleep quality can increase your risk of developing conditions caused by low immunity  such as eczema and also increase risk of elevated blood pressure and stress.

Your Growth Hormone is key to youth, and this is most active during sleep and exercise. Its role is primarily to increase new muscle cells. However growth hormone also promotes breakdown of fats, improves the function of your pancreas (releases insulin to metabolise carbohydrates), stimulates your immune system reducing your risk of infection. Being over stressed or over weight can result in poor sleep pattern which then impacts on your growth hormones.

Pause for thought: Your growth hormone is also responsible for the raging process of your skin. A good sleep routine helps to promote a youthful look.

Failing to sleep for a minimum of 6 hours every night may cause:

  • Weight gain.
  • Increase your cortisol levels which increases your appetite and fat storage.
  • Increase ghrelin an appetite stimulant
  • Decrease leptin leads to food craving

Tip: Create a bedroom for sleeping.

As identified earlier all elements work together, so imagine this. You use your bedroom as your escape room to complete work, read, write or watch TV. Your mind reacts to this and recognises the bedroom being a place of mental stimulation leaving you wide awake yet desperate to fall sleep.

Stop using your bedroom for any activity that requires focus or a high level of concentration.

  • Find another area in your home for you to use as your escape hole. Use it always, don’t fall back into old habits and use your bedroom for anything other than sleeping. You are reprogramming your mind, but like all changes you have to imprint this by acting out the mental behaviour too.
    So every time you are in your bedroom, say to yourself this is my bedroom, I sleep here and my sleep is powerful, cleansing and renewing.
  • Ensure the room is de-cluttered. A messy room causes a messy mind, as instead of relaxing to prepare for sleep, your mind is considering tiding the room. Ensure you clear the room in the morning, allowing your mind time to readjust for sleep later. It is also a good idea to make your bed properly. Fresh sheets, ironed and smelling welcoming, as opposed to creased week old bedding, all sooth the senses to prepare for sleep.
  • Decoration is important. Calming colour scheme, pictures that provoke calmness all work towards setting the scene for relaxing. There are specific colours that sooth the mind, relax the heart. Pale blues, muddy greens. pale yellows tend to promote calmness and lower the heart rate.You may want to consider redecoration if you do truly struggle with sleep.
  • Aroma is also a powerful tool. Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries and brings amazing results, consider a natural oil burner. Try Lavender, chamomile, or even Ylang Ylang.
  • Clothing is also important, wear night clothes that allow your body to breathe, lose waist bands and comfortable. Bamboo fibre is soft to the skin, helping to maintain a steady temperature as it allows your skin to breath
  • Most importantly place a pen and note book beside your bed. Before you close your eyes, write down tasks to be completed when you wake. Also many find it beneficial writing down what they have achieved during that day.

You now have the tools to work with to improve your sleep pattern and in turn improve your overall health and wellbeing.


Here are some products you may be interested in to help you get tow work on improving your sleep.






Three Natural ways to Soothe Your Gut

Soothe your Gut naturally.

Soothing your Gut is so important as it directly influences your mental and physical wellbeing. 

The daily pressures many of us experience can cause your gut to tense and become less effective in absorbing those essential nutrients from your food.

Now there are so many varying ways to manage your gut health but today I have chosen to share with you three things I do to soothe my gut.

The following suggestions can be adopted by most and the linked products are suitable for those following a vegan diet.

No matter how healthy or unhealthy your gut is, it will love you for offering it an internal hug. We all know the power of a hug; endorphins are released, serotonin levels increase, anxiety levels fall and your entire body relaxes.

An internal hug is just what your gut needs, and these three items can help you do just that.

1). In a  rush, feel tense in your stomach, bloated and experiencing discomfort?
Go an put the kettle on and make a Yogi Stomach Ease Cuppa.

Yogi Stomach Ease
Soothe your stomach

And discover the soothing relief of stomach ease. 

Whether you are at home, dining out or travelling, a cup of Stomach Ease to help promote healthy digestive function. This delicious wellness tea provides relief when you are feeling bloated or have occasional upset stomach or heartburn. The combination of fennel with liquorice naturally supports gastrointestinal function. The added unique blend of warming herbs, including cardamom, coriander and peppermint, provide additional comfort.

So, don’t get upset when your stomach does, just ease the discomfort with a healing cup of tea.

2). Ditch the dairy and love your oats!
We all know that race horses are fed oats to boost their energy and stamina, oats work the same on you.

Oatly Oat Drink is delicious either alone, in smoothies, sauces or dare I say it coffee!


Oatly Oat Drink
Oatly Oat Drink

Made for the purest oats and free from milk and soya, this Oatly Oat Drink has a smooth flavour and can be used in cooking and baking.


This amazing drink is also available in Chocolate flavour!

3. Time to Turmeric. 
Turmeric is an ancient healer and continues to be popular among those who recognise the power within.

Turmeric natural healer

Organic Turmeric by Suma is perfect for making Turmeric Milk. Why not use the Oatly Oat drink too.

Turmeric Milk Recipe.

There are hundreds of recipes available on the internet. Here is the one I use. 
Turmeric milk is also known as the ‘Golden Cup’ as its a beautiful golden warming colour. It is packed with ant-inflammatory properties.
These quantities make enough to serves 2.


2 cups (470ml) hemp milk, oat milk, coconut milk (I use Oatly oat drink)
1 inch piece of ginger, grated
1/2 tsp  cinnamon
1/2 tsp  turmeric
1/8-1/4 tsp black pepper
1 tsp coconut oil


Add all the ingredients to a saucepan. Bring to a low boil, then reduce the heat and leave to simmer for 5 minutes. 
Strain through a sieve and enjoy . 

Working from my Den reduces my working hours

I want to share a secret with you……it’s so good you will want to share it too…..

My working day has decreased from an average 8 hours right down to 5 hours freeing up time for my mental and physical wellbeing, which supports the efficient productivity of my days.

8 – 5 = 3 hours Me Time


So how did this transformation happen? Simple – My focus changed. 

Before I explain the change, you need a brief insight into my typical ‘old’ working day.

My working days started with the sound of my alarm ringing in my ears!!! I would drag myself out of bed, and when standing under the shower I desperately tried to compile my to do list. I would also do my hardest to avoid immediately launching into stress mode with the realisation there weren’t enough hours in the working day to get the tasks completed.

I would skip breakfast mainly due to feeling I didn’t have the time to spare. Pour a coffee and get to work sat at my desk. By midday I felt brain dead and stifled by the enormity of my to do list, and panic set in so I simply couldn’t focus.

Lunch came and went with maybe a quick snack, often a piece of fruit or raw vegetables mixed in yogurt and another coffee or water.

Before I knew it 6pm was staring me in the face and my to do list was still to do!

I used to turn off my computer, prepare an evening meal for my family and then collapse mentally exhausted. 

I was constantly stressed, fearful that I was failing everyone around me.

My moment of Clarity and Focus


It was a usual morning manic, non productive morning and I was struggling to write my daily article. I turned and looked into my garden and then I saw it.

In my minds eye clear, crisp and colourful I was looking at a open creative office space.


Not in great shape as due a coat of paint!!



Three years ago my father and I built from reclaimed materials a play house for my daughter. She no longer used it, and it stood empty in the garden.

The image I was seeing was the play house, except it was a functioning office.

Interestingly I had created a ideal office space draft several years earlier and the theme was open airy and away from routine, so here it was, the empty play house became my working space, aka Kay’s Den.


It has wi-fi, lighting, no heating (I wrap up in blankets and use hot water bottles). My chair is my pilates ball, so I am strengthening my core when sitting and avoiding the slouch posture. The door is open to allow fresh air fill my lungs and I hear natures songs to soothe my senses. I have satisfied my entire mind, body and soul. 


My work is far more efficient and tasks are completed prior to their deadlines, leaving time for me. My daily fear of incomplete work is no longer there, and my stress levels are almost non existent.












I wake and take my breakfast to Kay’s Den. I sit with the door wide open looking out into my garden whilst mindfully eating. With some calming balancing breaths I turn to my computer and begin with no stress, no pressure and more importantly no brain fog.

Now I know building a den is not an option for many, but the essence behind this change is focus on your environment.

If the surrounding environment is supportive to the work to be completed your productivity will be greater. Open windows where ever possible, to allow fresh air in. Take a few moments to focus on your breathing, visualise clean energy filling every cell within clearing your brain ready for focus.

Make sure your chair supports your body, Check that posture regularly. If you do have to sit at your desk hour after hour, stand and stretch to the ceiling and turn side to side. Doing this at regular intervals supports effective digestive function as it allows the bowel natural peristalsis to work optimally, resulting in less bloat and reduced waistline discomfort.

Eat and drink. Hydration is essential for cell health. If you feel thirsty so to are your cells including those in your brain. When cells become dry they are less effective and the functions are compromised. Next time you start to feel your head aching, have a glass or two of water, stretch and breathe deep breaths, before you reach for chemical based painkillers.

Food is just as vital as water, nutrients must be present for the cell to function. Poor nutrition can result in brain fog, headaches, bloat, swollen ankles, irritability, mood swings and fatigue.

So my secret is
create the right atmosphere for the job.


If you can’t work efficiently at home and have no desire to build a den, take yourself to a small health food café or the local library or even an art museum. The correct location can inspire and stimulate the imagination to enable better work in less time.

Dull uninspiring surroundings fail to stimulate our senses leaving us blocked and failing… open airy vibrant spaces stimulate and provoke every sense and switch the imaginative switch on full… resulting in high quality work created through focus and purpose.

Try it and see……


If you would like me to support you focus on your tasks, connect with me


Visit my vision board page to let your imagination drive your future.

Benefits of Stretching

Benefits of Stretching

You need to stretch! Its is a form of exercise thats promotes flexibility. The effects of stretching are not obvious to the individual or those observing. Deep inside your body, and your organs are experiencing a workout that has a multitude of benefits.

Stretching is both a physical and mental activity. When we stretch we are conscious of the movements being performed, becoming steady in our stance and allowing our minds to focus. Your brain is a muscle and the calmness gained through gentle stretching soothes it and promotes effective blood circulation; vital to manage brain fog, irritability and general headaches and strain.

The most obvious benefit from stretching is flexibility.

All athletes and sports people spend many hours stretching before and after intense training sessions. This is because it increase the blood flow, reduces muscle injuries and the flexibility has life-long benefits.

If you struggle to touch your toes, who will be putting on your socks in later life? Just a thought.

Many animals can be been stretching, we need to stretch too. The best stretches are those that elongate the body, stretch the spine, opening up our digestive tract and rib cage.

Stretching lowers blood sugar levels.

Stretch to allow your digestive system the chance to realign. The pancreas is your organ responsible for insulin that controls your blood sugar levels. Movement allows good blood flow and can promote the insulin production that regulates glucose move from the blood to the tissues. Your capillaries naturally open up when muscle movement occurs.

Stretching reduces high blood pressure

As we stretch the heart pumps to accommodate the mechanisms of the muscle movement. Stretching in a calm focused method lowers your hormone cortisol, which is known to tense muscles. When cortisol levels are low, the heart beats more effectively and may reduce blood pressure. Stretching has been known to soften stiffened arteries allowing more effective blood supply to all the other organs within your body.

Stretching keeps muscles healthy

If you don’t use it, you will lose it…… is very true in the case of your muscles. As we adopt more sedentary lifestyles with extended periods of sitting down our muscles become weak. Similarly aches and pains are often as a result of limited movement. We restrict the blood flow and vital nutrients getting to our cells. Removing waste and toxins from your cells requires movement, simple stretching can reduce cramping and aches.

Stretching can increase joint movement

Tendons attach your bones to muscles and are found at joints. If you allow these tendons or similar connective tissues to become stiff, you will experience inflammation and joint pain. Furthermore, breakdown of fibres created by a protein known as collagen is usually seen especially when the hips and knees require operations to loosen the joints.


As we age our body naturally weakens, therefore when flexibility is maintained through regular stretching the body is better equipped to prevent stiff aching joints and risk of fractures.

Some stretches

Your gut loves you when you stretch. It feels ‘free’, can realign and work far more efficiently for you. You will benefit from a daily stretch and experience less abdominal discomfort and bloating.

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