Discovering ‘Time for Self’….. Stress can Kill You….

Task Planning…… Find time fot You

‘OK, just one minute’…..
Stop do you seriously have one minute to spare?

Do you ever hear your inner voice saying “Dont worry what I don’t get dine today I can do tomorrow, after all no one is going to die, if I cant pick up the dry cleaning”

Stop and reflect on that simple in your head chat…….

Why is your day so full that you may not be able to get to the dry cleaners on time?

And to add a deeper aspect to this, what are your stress levels like?

You know as well as many other women out there, stress is a killer……

Time to rethink??????

Your time is a precious commodity, whether your single, in a relationship, parent, grandparent, business owner or employee, the one thing you all have in common is your day has 24 hours in it and nothing in the world can change that!

Do you wish you could find that extra time?

Are you running at full speed yet still left with tasks incomplete?

NBS work with many women who initially make contact to address their weight issues, yet when they embark on discovering the true causes of their weight concerns, ineffective time management is the biggest issue.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Know your goals.

Take a moment to consider what you truly wish to achieve, both short and long-term.

If your daily tasks are not supporting you to achieve your goals, they are potentially time-wasters.

2. Prioritise wisely.

Your daily tasks list should be in order of importance:

Important/Urgent – They must be done today!

Important/Not urgent – Could possible be done at another time?

Urgent/Not important – Try to see if you can delegate these to others or allocate a specific time in your day to complete these.

Not urgent/Not important – Do you really need to do them? What value will they bring to you?

3. Just say the word ‘No’.

Your life, your choice.
So many of us are fearful of the word ‘no’ as we concern ourselves with upsetting others, But did that person asking you to do a task, consider you and your responsibilities before they asked you? The answer is likely to be ‘No’

If you really do feel obliged or know that that task needs to be completed, check your list, allocate a time and if there is no time available for today, then explain you can complete the task tomorrow. Doing this will reduce any added stress to your daily tasks, and possibly reduce the stress of the person asking, as they will know there has been a definite time allocated to complete it by.

4. Plan ahead.

You will quickly see your day becoming a panic driven activity if you haven’t set off on the right foot. Prior to going to bed, write your tasks list and prioritise them. The read through to check they are all in the right order. Upon waking read your list, have a clear idea about what needs to be done. Hoping from one task to another and not being able to complete them will elevate your stress levels.

Here is how to plan:

  • The night before — At the end of the day, take 15 minutes to write a list of the next day’s most important tasks.
  • First thing in the morning — Look at your list. Take some deep breathes and focus. Create a mental map of the tasks and try to visualise how you will feel once the tasks are completed. This may prove to be the most productive part of your day.

5. Eliminate distractions.

How often are you interrupted? Why? are you too visible to others? Is social media distracting you? Do you have the necessary equipment required or have you had to stop the task to seek the things you require and become distracted along the way?

The smartphone is extremely useful, but it’s also addictive and among the most insidious time-wasters known to mankind. Place it away from where you are working or carrying out your important tasks. Add an automated message saying you will return the call as soon as possible.

It may take a massive exercise in will power, but shut the door and turn off your phone to maximise your time. Instead of being “always on,” plan a break in the day to catch up.

6. Delegate more often.

Delegation is a skill and many successful women are masters of this. Look for tasks that can be completed by others to free up some of your time.

7. Take care of yourself.

This by far is the most important of all, and the reason you are seeking more time.
Looking after yourself is your priority.

Look back at your daily task lists, how many of you actually wrote things like go to the gym, yoga session, mindfulness walk as priorities, or even meet friend for catch up?

You should be able to find at least 1 hour every day during the hours of 8am and 8pm to spend on yourself. If you become a master at task prioritising and allocation of tasks you may find 3-4 hours of available time for you.

This is not free time, and should never be referred to as this. It is your health and wellness time. After all if you fall ill, who will continue to do the tasks?

Be sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise. An alert mind is a high-functioning mind and one that’s less tolerant of time-wasting activities.

If you would like NBS to help you identify how to free up some of your time for ‘Health and wellness’ then contact us now.  

Body Positive starts from within


Today I write from the heart.

Many years, in fact most of my life, I have denied having an eating disorder or body dysmorphia, but I know I do.

At the age of 51 I still battle daily with how my body looks. I see the bones, the protruding rib cage, and now the sagging skin. It makes me feel physically sick, but I still don’t allow the weight to go on.

I am not alone, statistics and media tell us this daily, yet how we manage this life long battle is whats important. 

My life has been turbulent to say the least, memories of passion, excitement, luxuries, as well as tears, fights and inner dread. Yet these experiences have made me the person I am today. Despite the eating disorder and body dysmorphia I am confident in my career, confident as a person and happy.

So what is wrong? Nothing, but I wish to share to help others like me reagin some of their inner self-love and feel confident in their skin. 

I may dislike what I see, but I love how I feel.

You see there is a trick to this, not so much a trick but a powerful skill of positive belief. I deeply and passionately accept what I am, I may not like it (I don’t) but I accept it and make the best of it.

The way we mentally manage our inner emotions
shows on our exterior. 

In the morning, evening or whenever I see a glimpse of my body, I create a positive mindset, I remind myself it could be worse. I visualise images of others who are not so fortunate as me; can’t walk independently, no longer have a complete body and then I selfishly regain inner confidence and make the best of what I am fortunate to have.

Many of you know I am a holistic nutritionist. I am physically healthy as I eat the correct foods to allow my body achieve optimum health, without the weight gain……..
Over the past 18 months I have been working with clients who have identified that their weight issues were deep rooted and required other elements of their lives to be addressed. Once I had supported them manage these issues and achieve their personal goals, they wanted more, they wanted to make their new found bodies feel and look amazing. I steer them towards body products that are natural and add no further toxins to their now new balanced bodies, and from next week I will be steering them to a sensual lingerie site.

Why sensual, sexy and daring lingerie,
because my female clients have asked me to. 

When we feel good on the inside and outside we naturally walk and talk differently. Our entire personality changes and we grow a new confidence. The new lease of positivity can open doors of opportunity and propel you towards your individual success and professional goals. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to become
empowered from inside out

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Working from my Den reduces my working hours

I want to share a secret with you……it’s so good you will want to share it too…..

My working day has decreased from an average 8 hours right down to 5 hours freeing up time for my mental and physical wellbeing, which supports the efficient productivity of my days.

8 – 5 = 3 hours Me Time


So how did this transformation happen? Simple – My focus changed. 

Before I explain the change, you need a brief insight into my typical ‘old’ working day.

My working days started with the sound of my alarm ringing in my ears!!! I would drag myself out of bed, and when standing under the shower I desperately tried to compile my to do list. I would also do my hardest to avoid immediately launching into stress mode with the realisation there weren’t enough hours in the working day to get the tasks completed.

I would skip breakfast mainly due to feeling I didn’t have the time to spare. Pour a coffee and get to work sat at my desk. By midday I felt brain dead and stifled by the enormity of my to do list, and panic set in so I simply couldn’t focus.

Lunch came and went with maybe a quick snack, often a piece of fruit or raw vegetables mixed in yogurt and another coffee or water.

Before I knew it 6pm was staring me in the face and my to do list was still to do!

I used to turn off my computer, prepare an evening meal for my family and then collapse mentally exhausted. 

I was constantly stressed, fearful that I was failing everyone around me.

My moment of Clarity and Focus


It was a usual morning manic, non productive morning and I was struggling to write my daily article. I turned and looked into my garden and then I saw it.

In my minds eye clear, crisp and colourful I was looking at a open creative office space.


Not in great shape as due a coat of paint!!



Three years ago my father and I built from reclaimed materials a play house for my daughter. She no longer used it, and it stood empty in the garden.

The image I was seeing was the play house, except it was a functioning office.

Interestingly I had created a ideal office space draft several years earlier and the theme was open airy and away from routine, so here it was, the empty play house became my working space, aka Kay’s Den.


It has wi-fi, lighting, no heating (I wrap up in blankets and use hot water bottles). My chair is my pilates ball, so I am strengthening my core when sitting and avoiding the slouch posture. The door is open to allow fresh air fill my lungs and I hear natures songs to soothe my senses. I have satisfied my entire mind, body and soul. 


My work is far more efficient and tasks are completed prior to their deadlines, leaving time for me. My daily fear of incomplete work is no longer there, and my stress levels are almost non existent.












I wake and take my breakfast to Kay’s Den. I sit with the door wide open looking out into my garden whilst mindfully eating. With some calming balancing breaths I turn to my computer and begin with no stress, no pressure and more importantly no brain fog.

Now I know building a den is not an option for many, but the essence behind this change is focus on your environment.

If the surrounding environment is supportive to the work to be completed your productivity will be greater. Open windows where ever possible, to allow fresh air in. Take a few moments to focus on your breathing, visualise clean energy filling every cell within clearing your brain ready for focus.

Make sure your chair supports your body, Check that posture regularly. If you do have to sit at your desk hour after hour, stand and stretch to the ceiling and turn side to side. Doing this at regular intervals supports effective digestive function as it allows the bowel natural peristalsis to work optimally, resulting in less bloat and reduced waistline discomfort.

Eat and drink. Hydration is essential for cell health. If you feel thirsty so to are your cells including those in your brain. When cells become dry they are less effective and the functions are compromised. Next time you start to feel your head aching, have a glass or two of water, stretch and breathe deep breaths, before you reach for chemical based painkillers.

Food is just as vital as water, nutrients must be present for the cell to function. Poor nutrition can result in brain fog, headaches, bloat, swollen ankles, irritability, mood swings and fatigue.

So my secret is
create the right atmosphere for the job.


If you can’t work efficiently at home and have no desire to build a den, take yourself to a small health food café or the local library or even an art museum. The correct location can inspire and stimulate the imagination to enable better work in less time.

Dull uninspiring surroundings fail to stimulate our senses leaving us blocked and failing… open airy vibrant spaces stimulate and provoke every sense and switch the imaginative switch on full… resulting in high quality work created through focus and purpose.

Try it and see……


If you would like me to support you focus on your tasks, connect with me

Visit my vision board page to let your imagination drive your future.

Self sabotage prevented me fulfilling my dream

Self sabotage, a commonly recognised condition these days and the media are loving it, a trend concept being bantered around and yet, its been around for years. I have suffered from self sabotaging behaviour though I didn’t label it. A label wasn’t necessary, I knew deep inside that what I felt was crippling and debilitating and holding me back from being me.

I am not saying I haven’t lived the life I wanted, far from it, my life has been and still is amazing, of which I am truly grateful. Though I felt cheated, had I realised there were techniques and strategies that I could implement into my daily routine I could have achieved so much more.

Self-sabotage is painful, it hurts right to the core. Because when those self denying thoughts are filling your head, your whole body fails. Your breathing alters, your muscles tense, your abdomen tightens and your head becomes light and dizzy and before you know it, you have convinced yourself you can no longer do what you initially thought you could.

You see to be a suffer of self-sabotage you have to be innovative and creative, not someone who is happy to fit in ‘the box’. You own an imaginative brain, have visions and desires. But you also have SELF your own worse enemy who dominates your life, if you let it.

My own main issue with SELF was the fear of failure, so instead of trying hard and then failing it was better not to try, so I created reasons why not to. This behaviour is also related to control issues. Now I am not going into the psychological explanations nor am I going to share with you possible causes of this behaviour though it began right back during my secondary education. What I do wish to share is me now. I am very successful at what I do, people say I inspire them, support them, give them the inner belief, that is why I decided to post this blog. I want each and everyone of you who experiences self sabotage to learn the techniques and strategies that I have, to manage your life and turn it around, make it better than it already is, you are worthy and you can succeed.

Myself and another very successful life/success coach have joined forces and created the KK concept (Kourageously Konfident). This is a service that empowers women to be successful in their lives. That might be professionally or personally. You will be aware that you are destined for greater things, yet know you are the cause of being stuck.

The KK concept works with you from the inside out. We address every element of your mind body and soul to ensure you are fuelled for ultimate success.

We operate either through individual consultations or groups. Four times a year we hold 2/3 workshop events that see clients attending from all around the globe. 

Corporate group booking are also available. Have you seen a slump in sales? staff no longer hitting their targets. In todays competitive market companies are looking for tools to propel them back into the front line. KK concept is waiting to help.

Please note the KK Kourageously Konfdent concept is for women only.

Want to take back control and live the life you want. Contact us now.

How to Create a Vision Board

How to create a vision board

Inspirational and fun to create yet extremely powerful in supporting you achieve your goals.

Not only will the creation of your board build inner emotions; the use of them reinforces those emotions and in time your vision will become real.

Create your board to represent where you are going, a collection of your dreams, goals and ideal life.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Define your dreams and illustrate them


A vision  board is a tool that holds a collage of pictures and words representing your own goals and dreams. It is unique to you, no two boards will be the same.

You can purchase a cork board, or simply find a large sheet of cardboard and stick your pictures and inspirational words and quotes on it. Looking at it daily activates your inner senses to stir emotions that inspire and motivate you to actualise your dreams and goals.

Use pictures from magazines, the internet, photographs, whatever inspires you! Words are powerful tools also so find quotes or words that make you feel good.

Be proud of your board, take your time in creating it, avoid it being cluttered as that will stir chaos and you will want to avoid that in your life.

You will need to spend time in visualising your goal and dreams. Make sure you know exactly what it is you want, not what you feel it should be. Aim to focus on goals for the coming 12 months as vision boards as evolving, they change as your life changes.

Before you grab the glue, arrange your pictures on the board, stand back and see how it ‘feels’, does it inspire you? Add some powerful words such as ‘abundant’, fearless, loved, strong, whatever describes how you wish to feel in your new life.

Keep the vision board in a position where you will see it each day.


Allow at least 10 minutes to look at the board and feel the emotions your images portray. Live the image you have created. Be grateful for the power of the inner thought that stirs positive emotions.

Do not remove images when you have achieved the goals. Keep them on the board as reference to your success and support the future success of those goals and dreams to still be achieved.

I write the date I create my boards on the back of them to allow me to see how far I have come. Perhaps some of the goals on the board have yet to be achieved. Reflect and identify why? Perhaps you haven’t set the pathway or the image is not exactly where you wish to go.

You can create as many boards as you wish to reach your goals and dreams. Keep the boards and start a fresh as your time line ends.

Here are some pictures of vision boards that may help inspire you.