Care for your lymphatic system

Lymphatic System

Ever wondered why your body is feeling sluggish? It could be linked to your lymphatic system not functioning at its best. Its simple to care for and can even lead to weight loss and reduction in cellulite!!! Yes that pesky dimpled skin of fatty deposits in the adipose tissue below the skin surface. As this is naturally lumpy, excessive fat, sluggish lymphatic system or sedentary lifestyle enhance the lumps and produce the dimpled effect.

So what is the lymphatic system… in basic terms it is our body’s waste and debris removal system to rid toxins and clean the circulatory system.

How do I care for it?

Easy … no need to buy expensive creams, pay for high priced salon treatment, just use natural methods and you will save ££££££ and be working towards a more healthier fitter you…

Body Brushing
No need to buy a body brush… you can use a face cloth scrunched up!! On dry skin, using firm but flowing strokes work from toes up towards your heart, fingers up towards heart. The strokes must go towards the heart to aid natural system flow. Do this every day.

Soak in the tub
Run a warm bath and dissolve two generous handfuls of Dead Sea Salt into the warm water. Allow your body to relax and visualise the magnesium properties clearing toxin and residue from your skin.

Drink  Water
It is essential to maintain optimum health and drinking less than 6 glasses a day will hinder your body’s functioning. ( Drinking filtered/natural spring water is recommended). Adding a slice or two of fresh lemon aids the digestive system.

Don’t forget the amazing power of Yoga! Even performing the Sun Salutation poses once a day will aid the lymphatic system.


An ancient therapy that is used to align the energy flow through manipulation of specific zones on the feet that correlate to the bodies zones/systems/organs. Manipulation of the lymphatic systems and associated organs can remove/clear blockages to enable to energy and flow of waste be managed efficiently by the body. Nutrition Body and Soul offer Reflexology sessions in the Southport area for £40. Interested, then click here to book your session.

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