Older Peoples Natural Remedies

Today as I near the ‘young old’ category, I have become far more conscious of the health benefits of the food I consume in relation to specific ‘older persons’ complaints such as aching joints, failing eye sight, dry skin plus so much more.

Fatigue has been my biggest challenge, quickly followed by aching joints.

I eat a healthy balanced diet, and rarely succumb to processed food, though I can’t control the natural changes occurring to my body systems, hormone levels and metabolism; BUT what I can do is consume foods that support the systems function more effectively and therefore reduce the fatigue, dry skin and aching joints.

Staying active is very important. No need to join a gym, just a brisk walk, some stretches and general housework or gardening is enough, though for the more active or able bodies, pilates, yoga and gentle weight lifting is ideal.

To keep your BONES in good health the hormones oestrogen is required. Most women as they enter into later life stages experience a natural decline in oestrogen production; increasing the risk of brittle bones. SAGE is a very powerful herb that contains substances similar to oestrogen, that support the retention of calcium in your system. I love my sage brew in the morning and mid afternoon. Simply place a good handful of fresh sage leaves or 25g of dried sage into a teapot. Pour on hot freshly boiled water and leave to infuse for 10 mins. Strain through a tea strainer and enjoy. There should be enough for two or three cups, I strain the remainder into a jug and store in the fridge and drink cold.

PORRIDGE is excellent for providing slow release energy and also contain properties that lift the ‘mood’. Make your porridge with organic oats and fresh filtered water. Eat each morning, also ideal as a pre bedtime snack to prevent night cramps.

VITAMIN B is not only good for the brain but also helps prevent dry mouth and mouth sores.

Dry skin can be a sign of VITAMIN A deficiency. COD LIVER OIL is naturally rich in vitamins A & D and can be applied topically too. VITAMIN E is also known to reduce dry skin, applying it as a cream works far more efficiently.

MAGNESIUM is the ‘new kid’ on the block, ideal for aching muscles, tied limbs, stiffness. Spinach is naturally rich in magnesium but unless you eat a whole bag of fresh leaves daily, you may be at risk of not achieving the recommended daily intake of magnesium. I take a liquid supplement, and I do eat fresh spinach every day!!


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