Sleep improves your skin

“You need your beauty sleep” is such a well known saying but how true those words are. Did you know that not only do we burn calories whilst we sleep, we reach a state of relaxation that promotes restoring and repairing within our cells.

Facial muscles relax, inner organs relax and flow of energy is less restricted as the tension found within your muscles when stressed lessens.

This relaxed state allows good transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells, yet more importantly allows the removal of waste and toxins ‘free radicals’, leading to a clearer complexion.

Interesting Fact – your oxygen levels peak between 11pm and 3am, miss out on sleep during that timeframe and risk poor skin health. Although you may well not see the damage in your younger years, the cells will fail prematurely and wrinkles and blemishes will be evident in later years.

To aid that perfect nights sleep here are my tips.

Help block out the light. Wear a sleep pillow. Masks can be restrictive and some people dislike the elastic on their head. Sleep pillows, made by Sewnagain, are filled with lavender a herb known to promote both relaxation and sleep.

Room mist. Goodnight Pillow Mist is an organic blend of essential oils which promote a sense of calm for a more restful night

Herbal tea. Calm your nervous system by sipping a warm Calming Tea or try the Night Time Tea by NYROrganics. 


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