Stress Management for Skin

Stress management … sadly most of us experience some level of stress, but instead of ignoring it, we should focus on ways to reduce its damaging effects, and by doing this your overall health and wellbeing, including your skin, will benefit.

Time, or the lack of time can elevate our stress levels and so many of us express emotions of guilt when we take time out for ourselves ‘me time’. Now is the time to accept that stopping and putting 30 minutes aside each day for you is OK, and not only will you experience the benefit, so too will those you come into contact with. By allowing our bodies time to stop and realign does so much that we can not see. Internally your body will relax, this provides the opportunity for your internal organs to realign, re-energise and reboot to become more efficient at their role.

Stress management Many of my clients immediately react with ‘I don’t have money to pamper myself’ or ‘I can’t afford gym fees’ or ‘I would love to have some alternative therapy, but finding the time and money, is not going to happen’. Time out ‘me time’ doesn’t have to cost you a single penny. Yes we can all benefit from a luxurious pamper at the spa, or personal trainers, but they are not necessary they are merely a luxury.

Here are some of my stress management tips to de-stress you and promote a healthier skin.

Walking – Taking a walk for 10 minutes allows us to ignore phones, emails and prevent us from grabbing comfort foods. When you walk become mindful of your surroundings, listen – what do you hear? maybe it is a busy road, but listen beyond the traffic, children laughing, people talking, birds singing, dogs barking, they are all noises that stimulate senses, and can remove your mind from the inner voice reminding you of tasks to be completed. Look at your surroundings, what do you see? Breathe, be conscious of your breathing, take deeper breaths, correct your posture, walk tall and relax.

Chat to a friend – pick up the phone or pop round for a brew. Listen and laugh, support and guide, they are all powerful elements of friendship. Go for a walk together, stir up fond memories, and put a date in your diary before you leave to repeat the empowering experience of friendship.

Meditate – You don’t have to adopt a ‘hippy’ lifestyle to engage in meditation. Simply sit or lie, breathe and focus on something that makes you feel good. If your mind is busy, keep repeating a word that is related to happiness. In my relaxation sessions we use the word sunshine. It instantly brings a feeling of warmth and relaxation, the colour is stimulating yet enjoyable. You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day and benefit from this form of de-stressing.

Healthy skin can also benefit from:





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